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Chromatic Healing


Chromatic Healing ...

 Chromatic Healing is a new consciousness healing paradigm and philosophy founded by Mohamed Essa. The Chromatic Healing technique helps you improve your mind, body, and spirit by balancing your consciousness energy.

Discover your life flow through the essence of light.

Meet Mohamed Essa


I am really happy to meet with you today on the energetic level. 

My journey in studying the holistic healing started in 1992, it is now more than 30 years studying and learning, I am still keen to learn more and develop new approaches.

One of the main things I kept in my mind while developing the Chromatic Healing it is a main question , a lot of schools have a way of applying healing but which of them can tell me if my healing went right or not ? That is why I developed the Chromatic Healing to help deeply in diagnosis which for sure will lead you to the right track of healing.

The Chromatic Healing started in 2013, the main point of Chromatic Healing is diagnoses and healing with bio-light and colors, added to that understanding the deep philosophy behind the illness and disease by asking a strong question

"How that can be bless not a problem ? , how that lead to a fortune not a loss as we used to believe ? "

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QUOTES from Essa

“HEALING is an ART, Chromatic Healing is the tool to repaint your SELF again.”

Mohamed Essa, Chromatic Healing Founder


Chromatic Healing helps you heal your Relationship difficulties and Ambiguity States and replace them with Clarity and Better Communication.

Happy Woman

Learn How To Self Heal Your Self and Help Your Beloved Ones To Heal Effectively.

Chromatic Healing will hep you in balancing your life flow and balance your life events.

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Chromatic ...

Chromatic Healing is a consciousness healing school , the school can be applied on the physical, mental, emotional imbalances ... Chromatic Healing is not limited only to these areas ...

Chromatic Healing can be used on a meta level which is the consciousness ...

As Chromatic Healins is a consciousness healing school that means it can be used to balance

Chromatic Healing works with subtle forms of energy known as biophotons  that exist in and around the human body.


The human body is made of energy. It has structure (bones), plumbing (digestive tract), and electricity (nervous systems), all infused with energy. Energy is a property of all matter, therefore cells, molecules, and atoms are all made of energy.


Research is showing that when the natural flow of energy is obstructed, disordered, and depleted, the body becomes diseased.

A continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy through the biofield plays the main role in health and healing.

BioPhoton ...

Chromatic Healing treats with the understanding that all illness results from disturbances in the BioPhoton Field which exists aournd the human body.

Balance ...
Chromatic Healing seeks to restore the balance of the bio-energy through readjust the bio-photon emission specific to the individual. It is believed that to regain balance, you must achieve the balance of the biophotons.
Healing ...

Chromatic Healing heals using the mental power to balance the BioPhotons Field that supervises the interaction of all the body’s systems and is not only faster, but more efficient.

" In Chromatic Healing we do not focus on the negative ... we focus on the positive , as what you focus on increase ... so let the positive increase..  "

 Mohamed Essa, Chromatic Healing Founder


I am always in a deep state of Thinking, asking ...
How can I enhance that ? ...

Join me beyond the limits of the answer of that quesiton ... and let us bring to the world something different ...

Mohamed Essa

Chromatic Healing Success Stories

Trendy Young Man

Mahmoud EL Alfy

Chromatic Healing changed my mental perception and how I live , it was a transformational point in my life

Smiling Portrait

Ahmed Fahem

After I saw the effect of Chromatic Healing on my son, I decided to study and my son is much better now by the help of Chromatic Healing

Woman Portrait

Najwa Ben Youssef

Before Chromatic Healing I lost any hope to be a mother, after  Chromatic Healing sessions I became pregnant

Blue Skies

Develop A Career in Energy Healing!
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Our Courses


Physical and Emotional Healing

Start with Chromatic Healing Level One to start your healing journey.

Relationship Healing

Balance your relationships not only with the people but with every thing around you.


Balance Your Life

How beautiful when you feel that you have a tool can help you to get thing on the right track again.

I feel safe with Chromatic Healing 

Mona Safwat

Blue Smoke


help yourself, friends, family, and pets.

Join us today and discover your hidden  healing power.

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