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It had started from here ... from a long time ago

The History ...

LIGHT AND COLORS is Our Way Of Healing


Color Healing and Therapy is a centuries-old concept. The history of color medicine is as old as that of any other medicine. Phototherapy (light therapy) was practiced in ancient Egypt, The Egyptians utilized sunlight as well as color for healing . Color has been investigated as medicine since 2000 BC . People of that era were certainly unaware of the scientific facts of colors as medicine, but they certainly had faith in healing with colors. They used primary colors (i.e. red, blue and yellow) for healing as they were unaware of the mixing up of two colors. The science seems to have been silent at those times.

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the art of Color Healing and Therapy was discovered by the god Thoth. In the hermetic traditions, the ancient Egyptians used colored minerals, stones, crystals, salves and dyes as remedies and painted treatment sanctuaries in various shades of colors .

Meet The Founder

Mohamed Essa is the founder of Chromatic Healing , you can know more about Mohamed Essa by visiting his website


Mohamed Essa

Founder of Chromatic Healing

For more information about Mohamed Essa you can visit

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